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Melissa | U.S.A. | Thursday June 23 2011, 17:33 | 0 Comments

Are you an online poker player? Do you have accounts with several different online poker rooms in the hopes of meeting all your needs? Yeah, you're not alone. Lots of online poker players are dissatisfied with the way that they have to have many different accounts with different online poker rooms to meet all their needs. Some have one room that they go to for the practice. This might be the one with the biggest, easiest to cash in bonuses, because practicing with free money is always the best way to go. Then there might be the online poker room that they use for the tournaments that make it all worth it. This need, of course, might require more competition and higher stakes. Then there is the online poker room that offers tons and tons of resources. For many, this is the educational site that is essential - it's where you learn new strategies and how to apply them to your situations.

Okay, great, so all of these online poker rooms have different benefits, but that means that you have at least three different sets of software downloaded to your computer at any one time and it also means that you have at least three different accounts that you need to keep funded. Not to mention keeping all of your online poker rooms straight so you know which one you want to use for which need. Sounds like you need to consider Merge Gaming.

Yeah, it's kind of new, but if you try it, you're sure to love it. Merge Gaming is where you use one site and one set of software to gain access to multiple online poker rooms. You have one account to maintain, but all of the playability that you know you need and want. Like all exciting new developments, Merge Gaming has created an influx of sites that claim they have the top picks of online poker rooms, but if you aren't careful, you're likely to wind up with slow real time play and problems with your account. Not to mention that you might be sorely disappointed in what kinds of online poker rooms you find yourself playing in.

That's why it's important to choose the right Merge Poker site for your needs. Consider factors such as real reviews of the online poker rooms the site you're considering working through features. How much consideration went into the choosing of the online poker rooms that the Merge Poker site you're considering works with? How diverse and flexible are the rooms and can you really get what you want and need out of them?

Sites such as Merge Poker Network can be a great way to have everything you need in an online poker room right in one place, but you should make sure that you find out what online poker rooms are in the mix, as well as many other things before you commit. If, however, you like to play online poker from many different rooms, but are tired of funding account after account and downloading software after software, then a site like Merge Poker Network might be just what you're seeking.

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