No Bad Beat Rewards You for Your Skills

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No Bad Beats

There is nothing more frustrating in a poker game than having a great hand (four of a kind, or a full house) and losing when your opponent makes a miracle draw. This is commonly known as a "bad beat," or a "suck out" or "bad luck". What makes losing a great hand even worse is knowing that you made the best logical play, but your opponent was rewarded for a weak performance! Many online poker sites are working to combat this problem, as it makes players angry, which in turn makes them less willing to play (which is never good for an online poker site). Some sites offer partial wager returns on bad beats, but a new site that just had its beta release in January 2011, No Bad Beats, is completely dedicated to eliminating this common nuisance altogether. Why not let players just play the game and take the risks? Here's why:

Bad beats throw players off kilter. This is also known as putting players on tilt, where they start to make moves that are not strategically sound. In all honesty, the goal of all cut-throat players is to keep their opponents on tilt so that they aren't playing to the best of their abilities, but this is a vicious way to play the game, and for a lot of players, it's not a particularly enjoyable way to play. If you've ever been going strong in a game only to lose a hand that you thought you had in the bag, you know that it can throw off your entire game.

Although there is no agreed upon definition of what a "bad beat" is, one can use statistics to come up with a mathematical value. No Bad Beats Poker uses an algorithm to determine how significant a loss is. This way, there's no bickering about whether something truly was a bad beat, and there's no bad blood between the players. If the math adds up, you'll get your entire wager back. If it doesn't, you won't. It's that simple.

Eliminating bad beats balances the game. According to a No Bad Beats Poker review, part of the reason behind the website's unique methodology is to create balance between cut-throat players, who don't mind taking a loss now and again if they can make their opponents play the game, and those players who simply want to enjoy the game without getting stressed because a hand went the wrong way.

Skillful players should be rewarded for their skill. Cutting out bad beats encourages players to play more skillfully, which means that skilled players don't have to worry about losing their money to the donkeys in the world, who make bad plays and occasionally get lucky, wiping out half the players as they naively play via a hit and miss kind of "strategy". With No Bad Beats Poker, when a player outplays his or her opponents with a good hand played well, they aren't penalized if someone else has a streak of dumb luck. Skill rules the day at No Bad Beats Poker.

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