Titan Poker's Double Double Challenge

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Double Double Tournaments
Double Double Tournaments

Titan Poker is giving you the chance to win at least $1,000 every day in the Double Double Challenge. The Double Double Challenge is a progressive jackpot tournament challenge. For every $1 that is paid in registrations fees for the Double Double Challenge tournaments, $0.50 is added to the jackpot. If nobody wins the jackpot one day, the money is added to the progressive jackpot for the next day until somebody claims the prize.

If you can't manage to win both tournaments, but still manage to finish is third place or better in both of them, you don't win the jackpot, but you do get to walk away with a cool $200 for the effort. The exceptions to that rule are: if the same player takes first place in both tournaments, and there is another player who finishes in the top three in both tournaments. In this situation, the $200 prize is not awarded. Or if there is not 100 players or more in both tournaments, the $200 consolation prize is not awarded for finishing 3rd in both tournaments.

Play at Titan Poker

The buy in for these tournaments is only $5 + $1, which is a great buy in price for a minimum of $1,000 jackpot in addition to the tournament winnings. Keep an eye on the progressive jackpot on Titan Poker's website. Every time the jackpot is not won, the jackpot for the next day just keeps getting higher.

New to Titan?

If you're not yet a member of the Titan Poker community, they offer some excellent incentives to get started with them. For your first deposit with Titan Poker, they offer a 100% first deposit match bonus to help you kick start your bankroll. In addition to the first deposit match bonus, you will receive four tokens to participate in Titan Poker's $2,500 prize pool freerolls.

Another promotion offered for new players is their $500 Beginner's Races. The top 100 new players on Titan Poker each week are awarded a share of $500 in cash and other bonuses. In order to compete for these prizes you must play on the Titan Poker "beginners" tables. New players are eligible to participate within the first three months after signing up with Titan Poker, after which time the offer expires.

  • Titan Poker Bonus Code: ENPFF500 gets you 100% up to the maximum Titan bonus of $500.

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