Cash Out Big in Titan Poker September Big Cash Out

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Titan Poker's Big Cash Out

Titan Poker is holding a promotional they're calling the Big Cash Out, an apt name considering that the gist of the promotion is a boost on all poker points earned in the month of September, 2010 that are then traded in for cash dollars.

Player in Titan Poker's Club Titan reward program will be able to earn more cash money for the Titan Poker Points they earn throughout September. And all you have to be is a Silver level player in order to start your cash for points earnings at 1,000 points. At that rate you'll get $1 for each 200 Titan Poker points traded in, for a $5 cash out.

Play at Titan Poker

At 3,250 points you get $20 (or 163 points per $1); at 5,000 points you get $35 (or 143 points per $1); at 6,500 points you get $50 (or 130 points per $1); at 10,000 points you get $80 (or 125 points per $1); at 15,000 points you get $120 and at 20,000 you get $160 (both at 125 points per $1); then at 30,000 points you get $250, at 45,000 points you get $375, and at 60,000 points you get $500 (or 120 points per $1); at 80,000 points you get $850 points (or 94 points per $1); at 120,000 points you get $1,300 (or 92 points per $1) at 160,000 points you get $1,850 (or 86 points per $1); at 200,000 you get $2,500 (or 80 points per $1); at 250,000 points you get $3,200 (or 78 points per $1); and at 300,000 points you get $4,250 (or 71 points per $1).

The savings during the Titan Poker Big Cash Out ranges from $5 to thousands of dollars. Consider this: usually at Titan Poker, to cash out for $4,000 you'd need to trade in 320,000 Titan Poker Points. But during the Big Cash Out, you don't even need to earn 300,000 points, and if you do, then you get even $250 more.

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