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Weekend Rake Breaks

The poker rake is seen as a necessary evil at poker sites (by the players at least). It's the way the poker site makes money at the cash game tables; by taking a small percentage out of each pot where certain minimum criteria are met, usually that at least one wager above the big blind is made and met or, at some sites, that at least the flop is dealt. Either way, players have gotten used to the idea that if they're going to play online poker cash ring games, they're going to have to deal with a poker rake. But right now at Mansion Poker, that's not entirely the case!

Play at Mansion Poker

Between September 4 and September 24 of 2010, Mansion Poker is having Weekend Rake Breaks, meaning that during the weekends included in that promotional periods, every penny a player pays in poker rake is returned to the player in the form of a cash bonus that the player then has one week to redeem (or clear).

What's more, this doesn't just apply to rakes at cash games but to fees at tournament tables too (the way poker sites make money at online poker tournaments). The fee is the number after the plus sign in a tournament buy-in, such as the $2 in a $20 + $2 buy-in event.

The way the promotion works is as follows: each Saturday, Mansion Poker will calculate how much you spent over the preceding week in rake and fees. That same amount of money will then be credited to your Mansion Poker real money account as a "pending" bonus. In order to remove that Mansion Poker bonus from pending status and be able to access the money (whether to play more poker with or to withdraw) you only need to generate $10 worth of fees or rakes over the coming week, Sunday to Saturday.

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