Team Titan Poker Bounty Series Still Hot

Giorgio | Netherlands | Wednesday September 1 2010, 22:41 | 0 Comments

The cash bounty bonuses have only just begun. The Team Titan Bounty Tournament Series that got off to a start in August will be continuing throughout the months of September and October too.

The Team Titan Bounty tourneys are $6 buy-in events, 8 in all scheduled between August 18 and sometime as yet undetermined in October, 2010. The first event, on August 18, saw Voyager2001 knock out Jonas Klausen for a $100 bounty and tmm34 knock out Joel Benzinou for a $100 bounty. The second event saw kaziunia knock out Jonas Klausen for a $100 bounty and xxxFAITHxxx knock out Marvin Rettenmaier for a $100 bounty.

Jonas Klausen Team Titan Poker
Jonas Klausen

The next three Team Titan Poker Bounty tournaments are scheduled to take place September 1, 24, and 28, with the last three Team Titan Poker Bounty tournaments to take place at dates in October that are still to be announced.

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The pair of Team Titan Poker players to compete in each of these upcoming bounty tournaments is also still to be announced, but the pool of names to fill those slots, besides those already mentioned in this post, are Sam Trickett and Sorel Mizzi.

Knocking out members of Team Titan Poker isn't the only way to win money in these bounty tournaments, however. The winner of each Team Titan Poker Bounty tournament will win $500 and, along with the other players in the top 10 of each event and the two players in each event who collect the bounties on the heads of the Team Titan Poker members in each game, will win a ticket into the Team Titan Heads-Up Qualifier.

The Team Titan Poker Heads-Up Qualifier, scheduled to take place on November 1, 2010, will find the five players who will go on to take on the members of Team Titan Poker Heads-Up. The fifth place qualifier finisher will take on Marvin Rettenmaier (aka xcrash154) for $100, with a $20K GTD token to the loser. The fourth place qualifier finisher will take on Jonas Klausen (aka JonasKlausen) for the same prize set, and the third place qualifier finisher will play Joel Benzinou (aka joben19) for the same prize set.

The runner-up in the qualifier will play heads-up against Sam Trickett (aka Lloydstsb) for $300 with $100 going to the loser. And the qualifier winner will face Sorel Mizzi (aka Imper1um) for $1,000 with $300 going to the loser.

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