Titan Poker Summer Jackpot is On

Giorgio | Netherlands | Tuesday July 20 2010, 10:12 | 0 Comments

With the rally cry, "The heat is on!" Titan Poker has just launched its big Summer Jackpot promotion. For the better part of the next two months, July 12 - August 31, the Titan Poker Summer Jackpot series will begin, during which players simply earn as many Titan Poker Points as they possibly can each day in order to place themselves on the site's rankings for Weekly points races and Monthly points races.

The Weekly and Monthly Summer Races offer a combined jackpot of $75,000 guaranteed. The Racing periods are between Monday and Thursday each week, with the two monthly periods broken down into July 12 - 29 (for a 3-week "month") and August 2 - 26 (a full 4-week "month").

For the Monthly Summer Races the top 50 players on the leader board based on their daily accumulated ranking will share a $20,000 prize pool. For the Weekly Summer Races, up to 10 players who successfully reach the top 10 in points earnings for each of 4 days in a single week's Monday-Thursday period will win $500 each for a total of $5,000 awarded per week.

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The Super Side Pot is an additional prize available to all players other than those who've already won a share of a weekly jackpot. Any player reaching the top 10 in period 1 for seven times or in Period 2 for ten times will win a share of any of the prize money not already won during the Weekly Summer Races.

Also as part of the Titan Poker Summer Jackpot are bonuses on existing Titan Poker progressive jackpots. For example, now if you win 6 of their Fort Knox Sit 'n Go tournaments consecutively then you can win over $50,000. For another example, you can play in the usual Titan Double tournaments each night, but this time win even bigger jackpots than ever before.

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