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Giorgio | Netherlands | Sunday July 18 2010, 23:08 | 0 Comments

With a little play on words, BestPoker wants you to know that it has the best poker school online. Whether it's the absolute best or not is left to question, but that it is an exceptional offering and a worthwhile reason to check out BestPoker is certain.

The BestPoker poker school includes 6 different departments: Poker Games, Betting Structure, About Tournaments, Poker Lingo, Poker Glossary, and Poker Vocabulary.

Now one question you may be asking off the bat is, 'What's the difference between Poker Vocabulary, Poker Lingo, and a Poker Glossary?' Excellent question - and the answer is as follows. The Poker Vocabulary section is where you'll find all the important terminology necessary for holding your own cards in a game of poker, be it Hold'em or Draw. Included are descriptions of playing actions, game types, hand values, and betting structures. The Poker Lingo section is where you can brush up on all the latest online poker slang - particularly the abbreviations your fellow players will most frequently use in chat, such as "GH" for Good Hand or "WP" for Well Played. And the Poker Glossary is, at least for the moment, inaccessible.

The other parts of the poker school at BestPoker are where you'll learn how to apply those terms and lingo, in other words how to play poker, and more than that how to play good poker.

The Poker Games section describes Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Omaha High/Low, 5 Card Draw, 7 Card Stud, and 7 Card Stud High/Low. Descriptions are broken down into extensive detail, including: Players, Dealer, Blinds, Deal, Betting Order, and Showdown.

The Betting Structure section describes the differences between Limit Poker (or Fixed Limit Poker), No Limit Poker, and Pot Limit Poker in detail. The About Tournaments section is one of the most detailed of all, going into everything from the Types of Tournaments (like Sit and Go and Multi-table) to Heads-Up tournaments and Satellites to Rebuys and Add-Ons. It even includes a few choice tidbits of advice in playing tournament poker online.

In all, the BestPoker poker school is a thorough resource for gaining a comprehensive education in the basics of poker (and online poker) that can have you up and playing (and winning) fast.

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