Titan Double Offers Progressive Jackpot

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Titan Double Jackpot

Anyone interested in progressive jackpots (and if you know what they are, you're surely interested) should head on over to Titan Poker and get in on the Titan Double, a daily chance to win free poker money. The Titan Double is a nightly tournament which has its own guaranteed prize pool in addition to the bonus progressive jackpot that starts out at $1,000 but continues building until someone wins it.

Titan Doubles Tournaments

To participate, simply register for the two Titan Doubles Tournaments on any given night. You must register for and play in both Titan Doubles Tournaments in order to be eligible to win the progressive jackpot. The two Titan Doubles Tournaments start 5 minutes apart from each other, the first at 21:35 GMT and the second at 21:40 GMT each night. The buy-in for each Titan Double Tournament is $5 + $1 which makes the total investment required to participate in any given nights Titan Double event just $12.

Most of the buy-in money will apply toward the tournament prize pool, but fifty cents from each player's registration fee will be applied to the Titan Double progressive jackpot.

Play at Titan Poker

Here's how the Titan Double promotion is structured:

  • Any players who finish in the top three positions in both tournaments of a single evening's Titan Double series will win a $200 bonus paid out from the progressive jackpot.
  • Any players reaching the final table (top 10) in both of a single evening's Titan Double tournaments win 50% of that day's withheld registration fee, split evenly amongst all qualifying players.
  • Any player who wins both Titan Doubles in a single night wins the entire Titan Double Progressive Jackpot.

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