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The news that Borgata and Party Poker claimed close to 50% of the total online gaming revenue in New Jersey in 2013 has certainly caused a reaction in the poker and casino industry. While it is undoubtedly excellent news for Party Poker and Borgata, it leaves the rest of the industry in a difficult position. There is a need to pull back this deficit before too long or it may be impossible to do so. The fact that such a gap was able to be created in such a short period of time is startling and it is probably something that took many in the industry by surprise.

One firm that is keen to pull the gap back is 888 Poker. It is not as if 888 Poker did too badly over this period as they came under the Caesars brand, who had the second biggest success story of the year. The company made more than $2.3m in total with $1.2m coming from online poker play. This is not a bad return, certainly a lot better than many of the companies who got started before the turn of the year but in comparison to the Party Poker success story, it wasn't big enough. There may still be a chance for 888 Poker to pull the gap back though and the company isn't going to things lying down. When it comes to online poker US competition, there is still a lot of fight left in New Jersey.

The focus of the promotion falls on rakeback, something that many poke players like to look for. After all, having as much money in your poker account is always going to be a positive thing and a strong rakeback promotion is a brilliant way to achieve this. From now until May, 888 Poker are promising to provide players with rakeback of 80%. This is a big announcement and it has caught the attention of many players and people in the online poker industry. If Party Poker felt that they had success in the bag when it comes to New Jersey, they may have to prepare themselves for a bigger fight before they can claim to be the undisputed market leader.

The qualifier may rule some people out

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There is a big qualifier for the promotion so it may be not suitable for everyone. Basically, at some point before the end of this month, players need to register for the site and then bet a minimum of $500 on cash games in a single day. There will be many poker players that will find that this is out of their budget but there will be some people that will think it is worth a gamble. If you are able to achieve this amount of expenditure in the course of a day, it will provide a worthwhile benefit for all players. Being able to gain 80% of all rakeback on every single cash game that is played on the site will provide a massive boost to any poker players playing funds so it is definitely something that is worth pursuing.

There will be chances to play as the stats from PokerScout indicates that there is a peak traffic of close to 300 players and that there is an average of around 100 seats being filled at the cash tables. There is no doubt that there is a bigger online poker site to look for in New Jersey but there is no reason why you can't benefit from playing at 888 Poker. Part of the season for the success of the Party Poker site came with a big promotion and it may be that this new promotion will help to pull back the deficit.

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