New Jersey Closing In On 10000 Gambling Accounts

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10k Gambling Accounts

With all eyes on the US poker and gaming scene, people have been looking for numbers. Numbers of sites offering poker, number of games being played, number of players online and number of accounts that have been created are all highly sought after figures. You can't always tell the full story with numbers and statistics but there is no doubt that the number of online gaming accounts created in New Jersey since the launch of regulated poker and casino play is important.

This is why the 91,531 accounts created between the 26th of November and the 15th of December is important. This may not account to the number of players as players may have accounts at more than one site but it is an interesting future. Of further benefit is the fact that the number of accounts jumped by 20,000 in one week. By the 8th of December, the number of accounts was standing at 71,486 so more and more people appear to be signing up. There was always going to be a rush at the start so it is good to see that people are continuing to take the effort to sign up to the sites and gaming options available. While it is still very much early days, things are looking positive for the future of US real money poker online options.

Things are going well so far

One of the most pleasing aspects about the early days of the New Jersey online gaming options is that so far, things are going well. There has not been any major technical issue or problem that has blighted players from signing up or playing. There has been no scandal or story that would cause problems or embarrassment for those involved with the promotion of these sites. There has also been no focus on any political parties or people making a financial benefit so far. Admittedly, it is early days but the lack of problems and issues has to be considered as a very positive aspect so far. There have been a number of small problems with depositing funds, which is annoying, but there has been nothing too out of the industry. Some people have also cited problems with their location and signing in, but given the strict state wide nature of the registration process, there was always going to be an issue or two of this nature.

New Jersey State Seal

Given that many people would have been waiting to see if there were any problems or issues, the fact that things have gone smoothly will hopefully see many more gamers and poker players deciding to take the plunge. The upcoming festive period and the start of the New Year may see a lot of players getting involved, boosting the number of accounts that have been created.

While there are obviously some options for New Jersey poker players to choose from, there are more lined up to come. There is likely to be a poker site from Golden Nugget but as of yet, they have not disclosed any details and the Tropicana and Virgin partnership is expected to launch a poker site in the spring of 2014. The Trump name is not yet up and running in the online category for New Jersey and they have Taj Mahal and Plaza options available to them. PokerStars may have found that they have delayed from joining the party but there are still plenty of poker options waiting in the wings for New Jersey online poker players.

At the moment, PartyPoker is the top choice but their progress is of a steady nature. It seems as though there is a lot more to come for all of the major names and players involved with the New Jersey online poker environment.

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