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Team Full Tilt
Team Full Tilt

When attempting to find the best site to play poker online, many players are stumped with all the prospective sites available. While the number of options is less for players in the United States, due to the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA), which was passed in 2006 and puts considerable restrictions on American banks and financial institutions, essentially barring them from funding online poker sites, there are still several options available. One of the most popular sites for Americans is Full Tilt Poker, which stepped in when PartyPoker no longer catered to Americans. All you really need to play poker online at Full Tilt is a bankroll and the Full Tilt referral code that will let you double it (they'll match 100% up to $600), and you can be playing with Team Full Tilt, fourteen full-fledged members of the site who play regularly.

This is the foundation of Full Tilt's philosophy-- anyone who signs up with Full Tilt can play poker online with the pros (and Full Tilt has no shortage of pros to play with). In addition to Team Full Tilt, the site also sponsors Full Tilt Pros, over 150 professional poker players who have made names for themselves around the world. If that's not enough to convince you to drop what you're doing and search for a Full Tilt referral code and get started, Full Tilt also has the "friends of Full Tilt," a number of actors and poker celebrities that have been associated with the site.

Why go through all this trouble to have such an extensively long list of professional players available on their site? Well, Full Tilt believes in poker and was founded, unlike many other poker sites, out of a common belief that everyone has the right to learn and explore and become the best player that they can be. In short, Full Tilt was started by people who really just love the game of poker.

While many other sites are positively ranked because they have a large number of amateur or low-level poker players who play poker online through their site, Full Tilt prides itself on having many players who have a wide range of skill levels. This allows rookie players plenty of competition among players their own speed, but it also gives serious and experienced players opponents worth playing against, cutting down on the tendency for experienced players to exploit weaker players, taking their hard-earned money.

Whether you're lifelong fan of the game looking to play poker online for the first time or a seasoned pro who wants to improve your game, Full Tilt has the perfect level of competition for you. Full Tilt offers games with both low and impossibly high limits, so the amount of risk in each game is totally up to the player's own tastes. New or experienced, whether you prefer big risks or playing it safe, Full Tilt poker is ready to cater to everyone's needs, because they really believe that the very best reason to play poker online is simply for the love of the game.

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