What Type of Online Poker Player are You?

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Poker Players Only

Online poker has never been more popular and this means that the number of online poker players has gone through the roof. With so many players participating in poker rooms, it is impossible to say that they are all here for the same reason. Every poker player has a story to tell about how they became involved with poker but there are groups that people can be broken into.

Out to make it rich poker player

Whether it is celebrity culture or perhaps technological advancement but people want more today than they did in previous generations and they want it right now. This means people have a greater desire for fame or at least the trappings of fame, money. There is no doubt that many online poker players play the game because they see it as a way to get rich quick. There must be easier ways to make money quickly but still the new members flock on board, determined that each hand will be their passport to a new life.

The casual poker player

Some players can spend all day every day on online poker sites but don't forget there are many casual players out there as well. Poker is a great way to relax after work or a tough week and many players treat their poker money like any other expense. If they win and get a return or improvement on their money, maybe with, or without the help of the best poker bonus codes, that's great but for the casual player, the game itself is worth paying for. Whether it is social interaction with others online or just taking a break from their usual routine, some players are just happy to be playing online poker.

The traditional poker player

Players Only

You may struggle to believe it but before the internet, poker still existed. In fact, poker is older than most people would care to imagine or hazard a guess at but to be honest; it is still looking good for its age. Poker has always been popular but in recent years, there has been a switch to playing online as opposed to playing with your buddies or in licensed premises. This has meant old fashioned poker players have had to move with the times too. It may be harder to read the actions of a player without seeing their face or body movements but the skills of poker remain the same.

The amateur psychologist

As poker increases in popularity, the need to analyse it and categorise it becomes even more pressing. Those players that rely on bonuses such as the one you'll get when using a players only bonus code, or those that don't understand poker dismiss it as a game of luck but this is not true. Reacting to the hand you're dealt and second-guessing or even influencing others is a huge part of the game. Those that think they know human nature believe they have an inside track on the world of poker and play online to show off their skills.

What type of online poker player are you?

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