Poker Tips for the Beginner - Getting Started

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If you are new to poker, then welcome to the wonderful, exciting, non-stop action of the online poker world. You are about to enter a realm of gaming unmatched by any other game in the world. In no other game than real money poker are you allowed to lie your way into making profits.

Understand when I say lie, I don't just mean bluffing with a bad hand. You could have a royal flush, (the best possible hand in poker) and lie about how strong your hand is to tempt people to bet against you. In fact, you should! Be subtle about it though. Don't just yell out, "I don't have a royal flush!" That might be kind of silly. Although, under the right circumstances, against the right players... It COULD work. That's the beautiful thing about poker- it's psychological. If you can keep your opponents guessing, then you're doing something right.

Getting Started

The first thing you'll want to do is get signed up with any one of the various online poker rooms available. Full Tilt, Poker Stars, and Party Poker are just a few of the many online poker rooms available from which to choose.

Nearly every poker room online will offer some sign up bonus with your first deposit. Take advantage of these. These bonuses are usually something along the lines of a 200% first deposit match up. So if you make $100 deposit when you first sign up, they will match it by 200% or more, depending on the promotional offer being made by the specific poker room.

Learn the fundamental strategies you will need to be successful

Once you've signed up, you'll probably want to jump right in and start playing. That's fine, go ahead and do so, but stay on the micro stakes tables at first. Micro stakes are the tables on which you can make the smallest bets possible, usually just a few cents.

Before you start making large bets with poker sharks you should learn a thing or two about poker first. Look around the poker room, most offer some area that is full of instructions on the various games they have available. Learn some strategies for betting, bankroll management, and the importance of positional play. Understand the fundamentals of calculating odds and being able to read your opponents hand simply by watching how they play.

Mastering these concepts will make you a strong poker player to be respected on the tables.

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