Mansion Poker Starting Omaha Turf War

Giorgio | Netherlands | Friday September 17 2010, 10:40 | 0 Comments

Mansion Poker has instigated an Omaha Turf War. What's that exactly? It's a new promotion that finally gives the Omaha players over at Mansion Poker the same kind of recognition and rewards that so many online poker promotions fixate around Texas Hold'em.

While football fans will be enjoying NFL Monday Night Football, poker fans will be heading to Mansion Poker for the equally brutish Omaha Turf War. Beginning on Monday September 21, 2010, and taking place every Monday thereafter, at 20:00 GMT will be the Mansion Poker Omaha Turf War, a 6-max $100 + $9 Omaha tournament with a 5,000 chip starting stack, blind increases at 15 minute intervals, and a $15,000 GP guaranteed prize pool at each event.

Play at Mansion Poker

Rather than pay the $109 buy-in into any given Monday night's Omaha Turf War, you can win your seat there in the week prior through a variety of satellite tournaments, both of the cash Step satellite variety and the ongoing Sit 'n Go variety.

Stage 1 cash satellites into the Mansion Poker Omaha Turf War take place daily Tuesdays through Sundays, a rebuy/add-on event with a $10 + $1 buy-in at 15:05 GMT, a $12 + $1 rebuy/add-on event at 20:05, and a $15 + $1 event at 23:20 GMT that's not a rebuy/add-on event. There are also cheaper still Stage 2 satellites running multiple times daily for buy-ins ranging between $1.50 + $0.10 and $2 + $0.20.

Then there are the ongoing Sit 'n Go satellites into the Mansion Poker Monday Night Omaha Turf War, which take place on Mondays for $10.90 + $1 and $21.80 + $2. The cheaper one is a 10-player tournament and the other is a 5-player event.

There are also ample Stage 1 and Stage 2 cash satellites throughout the Mondays of each big event, this time with the option of satelliting into a Stage 1 via a Sit 'n Go instead of a Stage 2 if you prefer.

Either way, it all comes to a head each Monday night at 20:00 GMT where every player brings their best Omaha game to Mansion Poker's Omaha Turf War.

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