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Mansion Poker Software
Mansion Poker Software

Mansion Poker has recently improved its poker software, making it even easier and more fun and rewarding to play at the site. Among the innovations at Mansion Poker are: a multi-currency poker lobby, auto top up on poker cash tables, hand for hand poker play, a customizable lobby, online poker player search, online poker time bank, quick seat, and casino side games.

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Now we'll go through each of those again, one by one.

Multi-Currency Poker Lobby: Now players at Mansion Poker can play in their home currency of either U.S. dollars, GB pounds, or the Euro.

Auto Top Up On Poker Cash Tables: Players multi-tabling can now set rules for topping up their bankroll automatically so that it doesn't interfere with their concentration on the game.

Hand For Hand Poker Play: This improvement in the multi-table tournament structure makes the distribution of prize monies fairer by considering all tables in play on the same hand number, not moving on to the next hand until the last of them finishes the hand they're all in. Important in determining who outlasted who, this way, a player is not rewarded merely for sitting at a table that happens to be moving quickly.

Customizable Lobby: A My Favorites tab now allows you to sort and filter your searches by stakes (micro, low, medium, high) or game type (No Limit, Pot Limit, Fixed Limit).

Search Online Poker Player Feature: Now you can find specific fellow Mansion Poker players to see if they're currently online and how they're doing. Maybe you just want to observe, maybe you want to sit in against them. Either way, this feature makes it possible.

Online Poker Tournament Time Bank: A time bank allows you to save up time to think for those hands when you really need it.

Quick Seat: Rather than waste half your time looking for a good game to join, this new Mansion Poker Feature has you seated and playing poker in 5 easy steps, choosing:

  1. Cash game or Tourney?
  2. Hold'em or Omaha?
  3. NL, PL, Fixed?
  4. Buy-in?
  5. Number of players?

Casino Side Games: Take a little break from poker and still win money by gaining even easier access to an even wider array of Mansion Poker casino side games.

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