Mansion Poker has Incredible Signup Bonus

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A few months ago we told you about the incredible Reload Bonus offered at Poker Ocean (as a brief reminder, it was a 100% reload bonus available each month on deposits of up to $100 per month), but since then we have removed Ocean Poker from our website and introduced Mansion Poker in its place. However, what we only touched on in that story, and what we are about to explore in greater depth here, is Mansion Poker's Incredible Sign-up Bonus.

Mansion Poker Bonus
Mansion Poker Bonus

The Incredible Sign-up Bonus at Mansion Poker (also called the Fabulous Sign-up Bonus) is a $500 bonus to brand new Mansion Poker members who deposit $500 into their new Mansion Poker real money account. That's a 100% match on an initial deposit of up to $500.

To be eligible for the sign-up bonus, the full deposit must be made at once. Deposits of smaller amounts will mean smaller bonuses (at a rate of 100%). And all subsequent deposits that first month will not be eligible for any reload bonus. But as of your second month as a Mansion Poker member, you can immediately start earning Reload Bonuses up to $100 each month.

Play at Mansion Poker

To access that poker bonus money, you must accumulate points by playing in Mansion Poker real money cash games and tournaments. The more you play in, the more points you will earn (even if you give a mixed performance) and the more points you earn, the more of your cash bonus you clear. It takes 1,000 points to clear $10 of your Mansion Poker bonus.

The amount of points awarded to a player depends on either the rake taken from the pot (if a cash game) or the amount of the tournament registration fee (if a tournament). In either case, the higher the stakes, the more points a hand is worth.

The points for each hand will be distributed based on the amount of cash each player contributed to the pot.

  • In cash games, point awards range from 0.3 points for a rake of $0.01 - $0.09 to 21 points for a rake of $3.01 and higher.
  • In tournaments, 20 points are awarded to each player for each $1 paid in registration fees.

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