It's Omaha-Mania at Power Poker with $10K Omaha Race & Sunday Sessions

Corey | U.S.A. | Thursday August 5 2010, 15:08 | 0 Comments

Omaha lovers rejoice! It's Omaha-Mania at Power Poker, with its $10K Omaha Race and its Sunday Sessions.

Power Poker's 10K Omaha Race runs for the entire month of August, 2010, at the end of which the site will dole out $10,000 cash to the top 40 finishers, split according to the following breakdown.

  • First place will get $2,000
  • Second place will get $1,500
  • Third place will get $1,000
  • Fourth place will get $600
  • Fifth place will get $400
  • Sixth through tenth places will each get $300
  • Eleventh through fifteenth places will each get $200
  • Sixteenth through thirtieth places will each get $100
  • Thirty-first through fortieth places will each get $50

The concept of this Power Poker 10K Omaha Race is simple: play as much as you can and earn as many FPPs as you can from playing at the Omaha tables at Power Poker (FPPs standing for Frequent Player Points). Power Poker will be keeping a leader board tracking players as they progress.

Play at Power Poker

Sunday Sessions are a new part of the regular schedule at Power Poker starting on Sunday, August 8. There are four Power Poker Sunday Sessions in all, each of them in games of Omaha.

First, at 17:00 is the Omaha giveaway Freeroll. To enter, earn 1 - 10 FPPs in the period of time Monday through Friday. The top 3 finishers win Power Poker gifts.

Then, at 18:00 is the Omaha $100 Freeroll. To enter, earn at least 10 FPPs in the Monday through Friday period. The guaranteed prize pool is $100, plus some Power Poker gifts.

Then, at 19:00 is the Omaha $2 Tournament. Entry for this tournament is $2 + $0.20. The prize pool is built of the participating players' $2 buy-ins plus $25 added tot he prize pool by Power Poker.

Finally, at 20:00 every Sunday night is the Omaha $5 Tournament. Entry for this one is $5 + $0.50, and this time Power Poker is adding $50 to the prize pool.

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