Reintroducing the Titan Double at Titan Poker

Giorgio | Netherlands | Thursday July 29 2010, 21:58 | 0 Comments

We haven't written about the Titan Double in a while, and since it is part of Titan Poker's Summer Jackpots, the iPoker Network's largest site's latest big online poker promotion, we thought it would be a good time to bring that daily progressive jackpot back to mind.

The Titan Double is a progressive jackpot tournament, which means that the jackpot continues to grow until someone wins it. At the time of this writing, the Titan Double Progressive Jackpot stood at over $1K ($1,015.50 to be exact).

You can win a piece of this progressive jackpot every night at Titan Poker by playing in the two simultaneous Titan Double Tournaments. They start five minutes apart (the first at 21:35 GMT + 1 and the second at 21:40 GMT + 1), and they each have a $6 buy-in ($5 + $1).

From each player's $1 tournament registration fee, half (or $0.50) will be apportioned off to the Titan Double Progressive Jackpot, which always resets at (and never falls below) $1,000.

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You can win a piece of the Titan Double Jackpot in a number of ways.

  • Final Table: If you Final Table (that is, become one of the last remaining 10 players) in both of the Titan Double tournaments in a single given evening. Half of the jackpot money collected that day is split among all qualifying players. If no one qualifies, the money is added to the Titan Double jackpot.
  • Top 3 in Both: If you finish both Titan Double tournaments in a single given evening in the top three then you split a flat $200 prize. There must be a minimum of 100 players registered for that Titan Double series (in other words both Titan Double tournaments of that given night) for the Top 3 in Both jackpot to be awarded, even if players otherwise qualify.
  • Win Both: But if you win both of the Titan Double tournaments in a single given evening you hit the jackpot and win the full amount all to yourself!

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