Get Turbo Gold Cards Twice a Week at Power Poker

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Power Poker is giving its players two chances to earn twice as many Gold Cards each week. From Thursday, June 17 and running every Friday and Saturday until Sunday, August 1, Power Poker is holding Turbo Gold Cards sprees, wherein players can earn up to 100% more Gold Cards for their normal play at Power Poker's real money cash tables.

Power Poker Gold Cards are rewards for playing in Power Poker's real money ring game tables that can win you a variety of great prizes like entry into daily Mega Value Satellite Tournaments and other tournament tickets, and even cash. All through a regularly drawn Gold Card Lottery. The more Gold Cards you have, the better your chances of winning.

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And through the Power Poker $50,000 Gold Card Race players also have the chance to win up to $1K weekly. The Gold Race uses the same Gold Cards, and cards redeemed or drawn in the lottery are still counted toward that week's race. The fifty players with the most miles (or the highest collected value of cards) in a given week win cash bonuses - and still get to hold onto their Gold Cards.

Gold Cards are easy to earn at Power Poker cash ring games, and you don't need to be playing at certain stakes or with a certain bankroll or for a certain length of time to earn them. You can, in fact, even earn a Power Poker Gold Card in your first hand at a table, if sufficient rake is taken.

Gold Cards are issued to all players dealt in at a cash table every time that table achieves a preset rake amount (that is a set benchmark amount of rake taken is reached). Because of this, Gold Cards are issued more rapidly in higher stakes games, but they are issued at all levels none the less. Unfortunately, but understandable, Gold Cards will not be issued to players who hit the free poker tables.

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