UB.com Perfect 10 Could Net you a Share of $100K

Giorgio | Netherlands | Friday April 30 2010, 12:08 | 0 Comments

Through the month of April, UB.com - formerly known as Ultimate Bet - is hosting the Perfect 10 Challenge, a month long promotion with 10 special tournaments per day costing $10 each to buy-in, with bonus cash prizes awarded to the top performing players.

The UB.com Perfect 10 Challenge goes something like this:

Play in as many of UB.com's ten daily Perfect 10 Challenge tournaments as you can and perform as well as you can in each. Every time you play, you earn tournament leader board points on the Perfect 10 Challenge leader board.

At the end of the month, UB will take each player's 10 best performing tournaments over the total course of the month and add up the leader board points scored from each of them. The player with the highest overall score wins the top prize, the largest share of the $100,000 guaranteed prize pool: $20,000. Second place gets $10,000; third place gets $5,000; 4th - 10th get $2,500 each; 11th - 20th get $2,000 each; 21st - 30th get $1,500 each; 31st - 40th get $1,000 each; and 41st through 50th get $500 each.

The ten daily Perfect 10 Challenge tournaments run daily from April 1 to 30 at UB.com every hour on the hour, with the first one of the day starting at 2 pm ET and the last one of the day starting at 11 pm. The full buy-in is $10 + $1.

There are also ample satellites for these Perfect 10 Challenge Tournaments (also known on UB.com as Dime Tournaments), each one starting one hour before the scheduled Dime Tournament's start time, with satellite buy-ins of $2 + $0.20.

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