The Bad Boy Is Back: Dennis Rodman Now Plays OnlyPoker

Giorgio | Netherlands | Wednesday March 17 2010, 09:08 | 0 Comments

Poker site OnlyPoker has just signed up 2-time All-Star game NBA star Dennis Rodman to its celebrity team. The 6'8" former power forward who won 2 NBA Championships with the Detroit Pistons and 3 with the Chicago Bulls now appears in OnlyPoker gear on the site with The Bad Boy is Back logo beside him. Rodman's last stint in the NBA was with the Dallas Mavericks in 2000.

OnlyPoker is a part of the Cake Poker Network. Cake is a U.S. friendly network, and OnlyPoker does accept US players. It's the 10th largest online poker network in the world with a 7-day running average of nearly 2,000 players.

Dennis Rodman OnlyPoker
Dennis Rodman

Besides his many publicity exploits, Rodman also makes a great face for OnlyPoker because of his poker playing exploits, which include beating skateboarding legend Tony Hawk, comic Ryan Stiles, and actors Bobby Cannavle and Cheryl Hines on Bravo television's "Celebrity Poker Showdown". Rodman was also on the same season of TV's Celebrity Apprentice with female poker legend and winner of the recent NBC Heads-Up Poker Championship Annie Duke.

With their logo being "No Bullshit, Only Poker", OnlyPoker made an appropriate choice signing Dennis Rodman. Although OnlyPoker is currently keeping hush-hush about its plans for Rodman, there's little doubt that players will get the chance to compete against him at the OnlyPoker online poker tables, and there's surely going to be at least one NBA basketball themed OnlyPoker online poker promotion starring the Bad Boy Dennis Rodman himself.

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As a fierce poker competitor who was on the slate for last year's World Series of Poker charity event, Ante Up For Africa, he will probably be appearing at the 2010 WSOP representing OnlyPoker, but this is OnlySpeculation.

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