VC Poker Forced to Boot Players

Giorgio | Netherlands | Thursday January 7 2010, 08:13 | 1 Comments

It's not usually our style to report negative news about the online poker world, especially when it involves a site that has earned our recommendation. But sometimes online poker news comes out so big that everyone just has to know about it.

VC Poker

The distressing news this time has to do with VC Poker. According to an email received by many VC Poker players, the Victor Chandler group who owns the site (thus the VC in VC Poker), has decided that it has to ask some of its players to leave. But wait - it's not really their fault.

See, the email cites the reason as having to do with a new policy instituted as of January 1, 2010 by the online poker network that VC Poker is a part of, the iPoker Network (the same one that Titan Poker belongs to) is going to start imposing penalties on poker sites that have a disproportionate ratio of winners to losers. In plain english, that means the network doesn't want any of its sites to be giving away too much of its money.

That's also why the sites in the iPoker Network can't offer rakeback programs. But iPoker's no rakeback policy wasn't being enforced, so many sites found ways to work around it. But now apparently iPoker is enforcing the no rakeback policy.

What does this mean for players? It means that if you are a casual online poker player (read: a fish) then iPoker wants you. If you are a regular online poker player (read: a shark), then iPoker is pushing you out of its waters.

The positive thing about this matter is that the players sitting at the tables at VC Poker are less skilled, and that the games will be generally easier. Beginners should find less competition, while advanced players can try a hit and run strategy for as long as it lasts, and then perhaps switch to another poker room on the iPoker Network.

Unfortunately, this is not the only sad news coming from VC Poker specifically, as they recently stopped their famous free poker promotion where the gave away up to $35 free. Make sure to click here for the latest free poker offers, offered by our friends at

  • Truly ridiculous! How can you sell it to your players, who have been playing for years maybe and became really good at poker to leave? Also, the very good players generate much more rake since they will be playing higher stakes. I think this is a very stupid measure, which might blow up in their faces. Comment #1Gonnie, Thursday January 7 2010, 10:59

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