VC Poker Celebrating 2 Billionth Hand with Big Bonuses

Giorgio | Netherlands | Thursday December 10 2009, 17:25 | 0 Comments

VC Poker is counting down to the New Year by counting down to its 2 Billionth Hand dealt. The clock is ticking, and at the time of this writing it stood at 1.998 million, so just like for 2009, the time to get in on this promotion is running out.

All you need to do to win a piece of the action is to be playing at the cash game table when and where the 2 billionth hand is dealt. The winner of the hand, obviously, takes the largest share of the bonus (or $60,000), but all the players dealt cards in the hand (that's all who paid the big blind, whether they stayed in to see the flop or folded straightaway) wins an equal share of the bonus as well, set at $40,000 per person, regardless of how they played or finished in the hand.

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Starting at 1,900,000th hand dealt, VC Poker started awarding cash prizes to all the players involved in certain benchmark hands. Every 500,000th hand dealt is called a Golden Hand and every 2.5 millionth hand dealt is called a Platinum Hand. Each comes with its own rewards for the players involved.

As an additional bonus VC Poker is giving each player participating in a Golden Hand, a Platinum Hand, or the 2 Billionth Hand a free entry with $530 into the next Monthly Million GP, this one set for January, 2010.

Lastly, there's a Bubble Hands Freeroll for the 1,999,900th through the 2,000,100th players with 20 free entries into the January 2010 Monthly Million GP and a $20,000 bounty on the head of the player who won the 2 Billionth Hand.

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