VC Poker Bonus

VC Poker Bonus Code

  • VC Poker Bonus: 300% up to $600
  • Days to clear VC Poker Bonus: 30 days
  • Minimum deposit to qualify: $20
  • VC Poker Bonus Code: PFF600

First Deposit Bonus

When making your first deposit bonus at VC Poker, you'll get an amazing 300% up to $600 first deposit bonus. You will need to use bonus code PFF600 and a minimum deposit of $25 to qualify.

Your VC Poker Bonus will release in increments of $5 (every 300 Action Points), automatically credited to your account. 60 Action Points free $1 bonus. You will receive Action Points when playing for real money during ring games, tournaments and SNG's. From all our advertised poker rooms, VC Poker has most definitely the best bonus policy!

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  • You will be rewarded 40 Action Points for every $1 of tournament and SNG's fee paid at VC Poker.
  • The VC Poker Bonus will expire 45 days after you've claimed it.
  • You can see the actual Action Points distribution in the right side column.

VC Poker Reload Bonus

You will be eligible for an annual reload bonus of up to $3,000 per year. Each new month you are offered a very generous 25% reload bonus up to $250, very attractive to high stakes poker players.

The bonus codes are all listed on the VC Poker webiste and change every month. Please visit using one of our links to find more information related to VC Poker's reload bonuses.

  • Minimum deposit: $10
  • Start date: 1st day of the month
  • Use code by: half way through the month (usually the 15th)
  • Expiration date: last day of the month

VC Poker Loyalty Program

VC Poker Bonus

You will become a member of VC Poker's VIP Programme the minute you start playing for real money.

You VIP status will be reviewed and changed where applicable every 1st of each new month. It is determined by your monthly average of accumulated Action Points over the previous three months of playing at VC Poker. You are eligible for your first VIP upgrade after playing in two calendar months, if you are starting to play for real money at VC Poker.

Their VIP Programme is available in 6 different levels:

  • Garnet
    Default level
    Cash back: $1 for 350 Action Points (max $10)
  • Amethyst
    Monthly Action Points average: 2,500
    Cash back: $1 for 300 Action Points (max $25)
  • Sapphire
    Monthly Action Points average: 7,500
    Cash back: $1 for 250 Action Points (max $50)
  • Emerald
    Monthly Action Points average: 15,000
    Cash back: $1 for 200 Action Points (max $125)
  • Ruby
    Monthly Action Points average: 30,000
    Cash back: $1 for 200 Action Points (max $250)
  • Diamond
    Monthly Action Points average: 60,000
    Cash back: $1 for 200 Action Points (max $500)

All Diamond VIP members that generate more than 101,000 Action Points in one month will see an improved cash back calculation.

  • 101,000 - 125,000 APs
    Cash back: $1 for 175 Action Points (max $715)
  • 126,000 - 150,000 APs
    Cash back: $1 for 150 Action Points (max $1,000)
  • 151,000 + APs
    Cash back: $1 for 125 Action Points (unlimited)