Absolute Poker is Always a Bonus to Play

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Absolute Poker

The opening bonuses on Absolute Poker are worth checking out, with a 150% bonus up or grabs but to be honest, most poker sites offer good opening bonuses but Absolute Poker has a wide array of tournaments and bonuses to keep people interested.

Some poker sites offer bonuses at set hours of the day which is great for those that are able to play poker at these times but useless for those that cannot. Absolute Poker attempts to redress this balance with their Power Hour feature where double Absolute Poker Points are up for grabs at various hours of the day. With the changing nature of working hours and shift patterns, this is a good addition to the site and could be of benefit to many poker players who aren't catered for with standard bonus hours.

Your loyalty is rewarded on Absolute Poker

Many poker sites have points systems that offer no real value or benefit to a player but with Absolute Poker Points, there is the chance to enter specific tournaments. If you haven't collected enough Poker Points, you cannot gain entry so at least regular users of the site will feel that their custom counts for something.

That will probably be enough promotions and events for some poker players but Absolute Poker offers plenty more. The site has five big poker stars and all of them can be contested in a bounty hunt where they all have a big price on their head. There is nothing better than squaring off against some of the biggest names in poker and on Absolute Poker, it is a regular occurrence. It is difficult to beat the pros but the prize money up for grabs and the kudos that goes with beating them, there is every incentive to keep on playing.

Get the benefit of being a regular player

It can be extremely frustrating to play a site on a regular basis and then lose out on the big tournaments by players who only log in for the major events. This attempt to ensure that regular players can be big winners is a good move by the Absolute Poker site and if you are looking for a site to play regularly on, this may be the one.

This means that picking up an Absolute Poker referral code is a great way to get started on the site with a lot of money to play with. It is not as if there is any need for further encouragement with all the standard bonuses and promotions that are available on the site but in the current climate, it is always good to get more from a poker site.

Absolute Poker has shut down in 2011. Please visit www.pokerbonuscode.net for up to date referral - and bonus codes.

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