Win Cash & Prizes at BestPoker World Cup Kick-Off Tournament

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BestPoker Kick-Off Tournament
BestPoker Kick-Off Tournament

BestPoker is calling all sports fans to come join the fun in its World Cup Kick-Off Tournament, an opportunity for BestPoker players to win a variety of great prizes and cash in celebration of the upcoming World Cup of Soccer (or what's better known as football to everyone but Americans).

In order to be eligible to enter the World Cup Kick-Off Tournament that will be held at 20:00 CET on June 10, 2010, you must accumulate a minimum of 50 BestPoker player points by the end of June 9th.

First prize for the winner of the June 10th World Cup Kick-Off Tournament is an iPad along with $200 cash. Second prize is an iPhone along with $150 cash. And third prize is an iPod along with $100 cash. Then the fourth through tenth place finishers will each receive a $50 cash award and the eleventh through twentieth place finishers will each receive a $25 cash award.

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All participants must reside in the European Union as prizes will not be shipped to any address located outside of the EU.

The 2010 FIFA World Cup takes place in Johannesburg, South Africa with 32 teams from around the world battling it out on the fields for the singular title of 2010 World Cup champions.

The BestPoker World Cup Kick-Off Tournament comes just in time for the actual kickoff of the FIFA World Cup which begins on June 11, 2010 and runs for a whole month through July 11.

Whoever wins the iPad, iPhone, and iPod in the BestPoker World Cup Kick-Off Tournament, sports fans who are also members of BestPoker will find that they can even bet on the results of the FIFA World Cup at BestPoker's sister sportsbetting site, BestBet.

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