Knockout Pro Players at ECOOP VI and Win Big Bounties at Titan Poker

Giorgio | Netherlands | Friday May 21 2010, 09:54 | 0 Comments

For this year's European Championship of Online Poker, Titan Poker is introducing a new bounty style promotion based around the site's new team of poker pros, Team Titan Poker.

All seven members of Team Titan will be competing, each at a different ECOOP VI event, making 7 events in all at which you can earn big bonuses on top of whatever cash you may earn in the tournament.

In all, Titan Poker will be awarding $11,000 in bounties during this upcoming sixth running of the European Championship of Online Poker.

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Win Bounties up to $5,000

The first Team Titan member to beat is team captain, Sorel Mizzi or " Imper1um" online, who will be competing in the ECOOP VI's kickoff event, #1 on May 24, for a $250,000 guaranteed prize pool. If you're the one who knocks him out of the competition, you win a $5,000 bounty.

Team Titan Sorel Mizzi
Knockout Sorel Mizzi

Next up with his head on the Titan Poker chopping block is Jonas Klausen (also "JonasKlausen" online) who will try to outlast all the players wanting to claim the $1,000 for knocking him out of ECOOP VI event #3 on May 26, a $200,000 guaranteed turbo event.

Samuel Trickett (aka "Lloydstsb" online) is up next, on May 27, with a $1,000 bounty on knocking him out of ECOOP VI event #4, a $350,000 guaranteed event.

Others with $1,000 guarantees are Yann Brosolo (aka "LastChance11") in ECOOP VI, event #7 on May 30 for $500,000 GP, Marvin Rettenmaier ("xcrash154") in ECOOP VI, event #8 for a $500,000 GP guarantee, Joël Benzinou ("joben19") in ECOOP VI, event #10 on June 2, a 6-max event for a $250,000 guaranteed prize pool, and Florian Desgouttes (aka "freraata") in ECOOP VI #12 on June 4, a rebuy/add-on event for $300,000 guarantee.

Knockout one, and you'll be done playing free poker for ever!

The seven Team Titan members will be playing at seven different ECOOP VI events for a total of $11,000 worth of bounties!!! This gives you a chance to take more than the huge guaranteed ECOOP VI tournaments prizes.

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