BestPoker Offers Mobile Poker for Players On-the-Go

Giorgio | Netherlands | Friday March 26 2010, 10:18 | 0 Comments

BestPoker Mobile Poker
Mobile Poker

Mobile phones are taking over the world, and online poker is making sure to come along for the ride, with sites like BestPoker offering their members full real money online poker action over their cell phones.

Just download the mobile version of the BestPoker software to your internet enabled cell phone or smartphone and you're set to play. The BestPoker mobile online poker software is as full-featured as the desktop software, giving you the same intuitive flexibility and control that you get when you play at BestPoker at home, except here you can do it while you're on the go.

Have you ever had the experience of needing to leave home (or wherever your computer is) for an appointment, but you were in the middle of a huge hand with a huge pot in a BestPoker cash game, or perhaps doing well in a heated online poker tournament there? And you had to make a choice - be late for your appointment or quit the game. But now you don't have to make that choice. Never again do you have to separate your life into online poker time and all other time. Now online poker time can be all the time, thanks to mobile online poker through sites like BestPoker.

BestPoker mobile poker games are connected straight to your existing BestPoker real money account (which you do have to set up first in order to download the mobile poker software) and funds for your bankroll are withdrawn directly from your BestPoker account. There's no extra cost to BestPoker for the mobile poker software downloads or the games themselves - only the possible data costs from your mobile internet service provider. Playing online poker using the BestPoker mobile poker software takes about 300Kb - 900Kb of game play per hour.

See BestPoker by clicking the red button below to see if your mobile phone is supported for mobile poker.

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