Poker Ocean Jackpot Sit 'n Go Tourneys up to $50,000

Giorgio | Netherlands | Saturday March 20 2010, 10:59 | 0 Comments

Poker Ocean is running a series of ongoing Sit 'n Go tournaments with jackpots that go all the way up as high as $50,000, and that's above and beyond the prize money you'd already win for each successive Sit 'n Go you take down. What's more, some of these Poker Ocean Sit 'n Go jackpots are progressive, meaning that they continue to grow the longer they remain un-won.

For example, consider the Maui Sit 'n Go progressive jackpot. It starts out at a guaranteed $15,000 to any player who wins 5 Maui Sit 'n Go tournaments in a row. Every day that goes by without anyone winning that $15,000 Maui Sit 'n Go jackpot, Poker Ocean adds more money to the jackpot, keeping on this way day after day until someone wins it all.

Then there's the Rio Jackpot Sit 'n Go tourneys. Also a progressive jackpot. Win 6 consecutive Rio Jackpot Sit 'n Go tournaments and win a $25,000 jackpot bonus. But for each day that goes by without anyone winning the Rio Sit 'n Go Jackpot, it grows even bigger, resetting at $25,000 every time it's won.

And finally there's the biggest of the Poker Ocean Sit & Go jackpots, the Fort Knox $50,000 jackpot. Win six consecutive Fort Knox Sit & Go tournaments and win a $50,000 jackpot bonus. This one's not a progressive jackpot, but at $50,000, who's really going to complain?

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To win any of these jackpots, all of the Sit 'n Gos won must be of the same type (Maui, Rio, or Fort Knox) and all wins must be consecutive (that's in-a-row). The $15,000 Maui progressive jackpot, the $25,000 Rio progressive jackpot, and the $50,000 Fort Knox jackpot can all be found at Poker Ocean.

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