Full Tilt Poker Sponsors Kandy Masquerade Party

Giorgio | Netherlands | Friday February 19 2010, 07:15 | 0 Comments

Full Tilt Poker has always been known for stepping up and being a sponsor at big events that have a great cause. This is no exception. Full Tilt Poker has announced that they will be a sponsor of the Kandy Masquerade costume ball that benefits the Nevada Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NSPCA). This is only the second year of this ball and it is being held at the Playboy Mansion. The date of the event is February 27th, 8:00 PM.

If you are planning on trying to attend this ball you better bring your cash. The tickets cost $1,000 to get into Kandy Masquerade. You better get your tickets ahead of time because day of event tickets may not be for sale. And if they are, they will be very pricey. One requirement to enter this party is you must wear a mask. And for women, they must wear "sexy, masquerade themed clothing". As you can tell, this is no kiddie event.

Several poker players are expected to attend the Kandy Masquerade Party as the World Poker Tour LA Poker Classic is going on in that area that day. They have build in an 8:00 PM break in the tournament for that day so players could attend. Most likely the players minds will be on the poker tournament at hand, but several will take a night break from poker and attend this great event at the Playboy Mansion.

Full Tilt Poker has been known in the past to support this NSPCA non for profit organization. Jennifer Harman, a well-known Full Tilt Poker Pro, has hosted three separate poker tournaments where the benefits went to NSPCA. We give props to Full Tilt Poker for stepping up for a good cause once again.

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