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Giorgio | Netherlands | Sunday January 17 2010, 14:18 | 0 Comments

BestPoker has a King of the Hill promotion going on now with a $2,500 top prize. The promotion is structured in a Sit 'n Go format with 3 types of feeder tournament feeding into 3 different levels of a Step system, all leading up to an $80 ticket in the King of the Hill Finals, a 10 seat tournament with a $650 second prize, and a $350 third prize.

Play at BestPoker

  • Feeder 1 is a 20 seat tournament for a $1 buy-in feeding the top 2 players into a Step 1 tournament, this a 10 seat tournament feeding the top player to Step 2 and the 2nd place player to Step 3, the 3rd place player getting another shot at Step 1.
  • Feeder 2 is a 10 seat tournament for a $3 buy-in that feeds the top 3 players to Step 1. Step 2 feeds the top 2 placers into Step 3, and gives the 3rd placer another shot at Step 1.
  • Feeder 3 is another 10 seater, this time with a $20 buy-in, feeding the top 2 players to step 3. Step 3 feeds the top two players into the Final and gives the 3 place player another shot at Step 3.

This promotion is an unique opportunity to earn yourself a really nice price playing almost free online poker when entering Feeder 1, but of course you can enter at whatever level you'd like to. You can even pay the $230 direct buy-in to the King of the Hill Finals and skip all the earlier steps and if you "go all the way" you'll be the BestPoker King of the Hill, and $2,500 richer.

BestPoker bills this as a bridge over the gap between cash tournament and qualifier tournaments, and we'd have to agree.

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