OnlyPoker Bonus

OnlyPoker Bonus Code

  • OnlyPoker Bonus: 110% up to $600
  • Days to clear OnlyPoker Bonus: 90 days
  • Minimum deposit to qualify: $25
  • OnlyPoker Bonus Code: PFF600

Update: OnlyPoker has shut down!

OnlyPoker Bonus

OnlyPoker's first deposit bonus is one that stands out. With a 110% match they're already offering 10% more than poker rooms regularly do, and the $600 cap can be seen as very decent. Deposit $550 and get the full $600 bonus, but make sure to use bonus code PFF600, or one of the links (or buttons) you can follow to OnlyPoker on the Poker For Free website.

The OnlyPoker bonus clears in increments of $10 based on the accumulation of Frequent Player Points when playing poker for real money, either cash games and tournaments (including Sit 'n Gos). To release an increment of $10 you need to accumulate 167 Frequent Player Points (FPPs).

Your remaining bonus funds will expire exactly after 90 days after you've made your first deposit.

Every now and then you can expect OnlyPoker to offer you a reload bonus. Since bonuses at OnlyPoker can be stacked, you will need to clear any pending bonus first, before you move on to the next.

  • FPPs in Tournaments/SNGs: You will earn 1 FPP for every $1 paid in tournament or SNG fee.
  • FPPs in Ring Games: You will earn 1 FPP for every $1 in generated rake.

OnlyPoker Loyalty Program

OnlyPoker Bonus

One thing OnlyPoker does different is rewarding players. As with most online poker rooms, you will be rewarded for your loyalty with Frequent Player Points. You will earn these points while playing games for real money, and you can redeem your points for cash and prizes.

OnlyPoker Gold Chips

Now, the official OnlyPoker reward units are called Gold Chips. Every time you accumulate a specific amount of FPPs, you will see them being converted into a Gold Chip. The more Gold Chips you've earned, the less FPPs you will need to earn the next Gold Chip.

  • 1st Gold Chip: 120 FPPs
  • 2nd Gold Chip: 115 FPPs
  • 3rd Gold Chip: 105 FPPs
  • 4th Gold Chip: 90 FPPs
  • 5th Gold Chip: 70 FPPs
  • 6th Gold Chip: FREE
  • 7th Gold Chip and more: 70 FPPs

OnlyPoker Gold Cards

Gold Cards are OnlyPoker's rewards for ring game players. Gold cards will be randomly assigned to players participating in real money ring games (cash games), completely independent of the stakes of the games players are participating in.

Gold Cards are given when a table reaches up to a specific (pre-determined) amount of generated rake. It comes as no surprise that the higher the stakes are, the more Gold Cards will be released.

Collected Gold Cards will never expire, in fact they may become more valuable over time.

OnlyPoker Gold Stacks

The latest addition to OnlyPoker's loyalty reward program is called Gold Stacks. The idea behind it is simple; the more Gold Chips you'll earn through accumulating FPPs, the more Gold Stacks you can build.

To earn Gold Stacks, no Gold Chips will be redeemed from your account. You can see the Gold Stacks as an additional free reward for your loyalty towards OnlyPoker.

You can win cash and instant poker bonuses, as well as tournament tokens with your completed Gold Stacks.

All together there are 50 different levels of Gold Stacks. All players start at level one. Even though you can fall back a level after not playing for a while, it's good to know that OnlyPoker implemented a couple of benchmarks. You will not fall back again, once you've reached up to a certain benchmark, no matter if you take a break away from playing poker for a while.